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We make the difference! Feel the vibes of happiness, support the future.

We are specialized in watersports and sustainable tourism, located in the coast of Manta, Ecuador.

Our mission is to create a company  totally in harmony with nature.

We are racing awareness and working together to accomplish the daily task for the conservation, protection, control and monitoring the coastal marine wildlife.

Through our passion to water sports and our deeply connection to the ocean, combined with more knowledge and education we feel the urge responsibility to protect it.

In order to enjoy the ocean nearly every single day, we want to give back something, not only by leaving no trace, we are activists and leaders of change.

To organize and define our work we offcially established (2019) a wild life protection group here in Santa Marianita. ...


Good to know

Ocean Freaks distinguishes itself from other kiteboarding schools in Santa Marianita, by being the very first local kiteboarding school of Ecuador.

All our instructors are IKO certified to insure you a safe and most enjoyable experience.

We provide you with a save spot for launching and landing, away from road and wires and there is always staff available to assist you.

The newest addicion

For the first time Oceanfreaks is proud to officially announce the opening off 

Oceanfreaks beach club  on 15.06.21.

All our clients are invited to enjoy more privacy  exclusivity and the best service.


*More info coming soon.....


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Owner/ Head Kiteboarding Instructor 


In 2010, Davo founded Ocean Freaks as a dream. With his love of the wind, water and waves he inspired fellow “ocean freaks” to gather from all over the world to pursue their love of watersports and nature. As the owner of Ocean Freaks Watersports he has been teaching and inspiring others with his passion for the ocean for over 15 years. With a strong sense of local community and environmental responsibility, he has grown Ocean Freaks in to one of the most widely known and respected watersports operators in Ecuador. 

Come and meet him.

Languages: Spanish, English

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General Manager Intern

Environmental Deparment Director


Carina our Intern, has one of the biggest tasks at Ocean Freaks- keeping things running smoothly and ensuring your experience is the very best.  She has a great love of nature and yoga bringing serenity and calm to the Ocean Freaks family. Besides your water sport experience Carina might take you on a wild life adventure. As a director of  our environmental  department she can teach you all about our conservation projects and if you are lucky she might show you some wild animals, like turtles, turtle hatchlings or sea birds that are under our conservation monitoring program.

Languages: English, German, Spanish 



Restaurant Manager


With more than 20 years of experience in hospitality and service Edna has put together the best of the local gastronomy for your delight. Maintaining alive the roots of local cooking with high standards we can assure that you will find the best service with a unforgettable view of Santa Marianita  

Languages: Spanish

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Nick has invest it all his life in the water and wind sports industry, visiting the best kite and surf sports in the world helping the brands to develop more user friendly and reliable equipment.

Languages: English, Spanish

santi bio.jpg


Dive Center Director


Santi is Ocean Freak's PADI Scuba Instructor. With over 10 years of experience, he can navigate the hidden depths of the ocean like no other.  Whether you want to go searching for sunken treasure, or explore exotic sea life, he's always ready to show you the magical world under the sea.  

Certifications: PADI Scuba Instructor, Wreck Driving Instructor, Night Diving Instructor (NITROX), 02 Provider Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor 

Languages: Spanish, English

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Team Rider


Our international Team Rider is always testing the latest gear and traveling the world to the greater kite destinations. He works collaboratively with the Team in Ecuador and leads the supply chain analytics & logistics to ensure we always have the best and latest gear available. You will find him kiting or foilboarding in various islands of the Caribbean and West Coast of Florida when he is not riding his Onewheel.

Languages: Spanish, English

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A true Ocean Freaks that always following his dreams close to the ocean, enlest sessions around the world diving, surfing, kiteboarding in the saltwater has shaped him with a one of a kind heart for watersports and nature always full of energy and happiness, now he is a resident in Ecuador and part of our Research and Development team 

Former CEO Blue Grotto Dive Resort Inc.

Languages: English



Free Diving Instructor 


William specializes in Free Diving. With over 18 years of experience will take you to a one of a kind freediving experience 

Languages: Spanish

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