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Providing Everything You Need


Heads Up

CASH $135 USD 

Credit Card $140 USD

2.5 hours

During your lesson, you will be introduced to the sport of kiteboarding, and learn various safety rules & skills on land before going into the water.  

Hooked Sessh

CASH $220 USD 

Credit Card $230 USD

4 hours

We can start from scratch with all the important intro knowledge you need for beginning your new kiteboarding experience or we can start where you where left on your last kite lesson.


Take Off 

CASH $400 USD 

Credit Card $410 USD

8 Hour

During this course, your Instructor will show you everything you need know to take off on your kiteboarding adventure

Ride safely on your own! based on the IKO lesson plan we will go carefull over each stage


Full Shred

From Zero to Hero

CASH $675 USD 

Credit Card $685 USD

15 Hour

The goal of this training program is for you to become a truly independent rider!

We will cover every step of the IKO teaching plan.


Travel with no problem and rent your favorite gear everywhere, 


Personalized coaching


Credit Card $65 USD

1 hour

Personalized lessons are perfect for refreshing your knowledge.

If you are already kiteboarding and just need a quick refresher or you just want to learn a new jump, our personalized kite lessons this is the option for you!  This allows our instructors to adapt our teaching style to your learning style. ​


Personalized Coaching
with Radio Head Set


Credit Card $70 USD

​​​1 hour


Ocean Freaks uses the newest technology, BB Talkin. 

BB Talkin is a long range Bluetooth headset that is a game changer for our kiteboarding students and instructors. This technology enhances the learning curve because of the ability of constant communication to eliminate common mistakes right in the second.  


Take your kiteboarding to the next level more efficiently with Ocean Freak instructors and our radio communication helmets. This state-of-the-art technology allows you to receive the needed information promptly during our lessons, even when away from your instructor. 

We can communicate with you in a relaxing manner while demonstrating various skills to pinpoint the kite, board, and body movements without having to yell across the water to you.


* From the very beginning, the entire focus of the lesson is on you.

* Gear Rental Included​ in all our lessons plans

* Everyone has his or her own learning style and optimal pace

* Coaching from IKO certified Instructor

* Worldwide IKO certification card at the end of your lesson

* With a private lesson, your IKO certified instructor (English, Spanish speaking) will tailor the lesson plan specifically with you in mind,
allowing you to learn the most in the shortest amount of time. 

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