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Earth Bar

Aça​í Super Bowl: $ 7.50

Açaí, peanut butter, home made granola, fruits of the day

Aça​í, mantequilla de maní, granola cacera, frutas del día


CeviChocho: $ 5.00

An ancient lupin known as Chocho served together with palm hearts, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, cilantro, patacones and peanut sauce on the side 

Vegan Viche: $ 6.50

Traditional local soup, made with peanut sauce, tons of veggies, plantain and incredible amount of love.

Vegan Burger : $ 7.00

Vegan Burger + fries : $ 9.00

Home made recipe, contains lots of grains, a bit os soy, vegetables, served with artesanal black bread. 

Raviolis: $ 8.50

Traditional raviolis mades with tofu and basil, served with red sauce and bread.


Smoothies, Juices and Co

Juice of the day / Jugo del día: $3.50

Tropical Vibes smoothie /smoothie de frutas: $3.50

Homemade Iced Tea / Te Helado cacero : $2.00   

Coffee TIME

Coffe / Cafe Americano: 2.50

Espresso: 2.50

Espresso doble: $ 3.50

ICED Coffee $ 4.00

+ Almond Milk/ Leche Almendras: $ 0.60 

Moderated Driks 

Margarita  $ 5.00


Kite-pirinha  $ 5.00

National beer Personal Bottle / Cerveza nacional personal $ 2.50


National beer Big Bottle / Cerveza nacional grande: $ 3.00

Importer or Artesanal Beer / Cerveza Nacional o Importada: $ 4.50




Water refill Bottles 



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